What is the LightlifeTM Burger?

It’s a burger that cooks and tastes like traditional beef, but is made from plants. So tasty, you need to try it to believe it. 

What’s in the LightlifeTM Burger? 

The main source of protein comes from peas. Additional plant-based ingredients are used to round out the flavour profile such as coconut oil, beet,garlic powder and additional plant based ingredients and seasoning.

About LightlifeTM

Founded in 1979, Lightlife Foods, Inc. is a plant-based foods pioneer which is now owned by Maple Leaf foods. As a Category leader in North America, LightlifeTM is committed to making plant-based eating more accessible and delicious with a portfolio of products that appeal to consumers at all points on their plant-based journey.

Is ithe LightlifeTM burger vegan? 

While the patty itself vegan, it should be noted that the patty cooks on the same grill as other Harvey’s(R) burgers which are NOT vegan.  We make every attempt to cook the LightLifeTM Burger and our current Veggie Burger on a segregated part of the grill, but we cannot guarantee that we have avoided cross-contamination with other animal-based products.

Does it contain allergens?

While the LightLifeTM Burger patty does not contain soy, gluten, and other allergens found in other plant-based burgers, this does not account for any potential cross-contamination with other ingredients or the presence of the bun and selected garnishes when the burger is ordered. Please review our allergen guide before confirming the order. We are unable to guarantee any item to be allergen-free due to potential cross-contamination.

Nutritionally, how does the LightlifeTM Burger compare to beef?

LightlifeTM burger has comparable levels of protein to a traditional beef burger with 18g of pea protein.

Will Harvey’s continue to sell both Veggie Burger and LightlifeTM Burger?

There are currently no plans to discontinue the Harvey’s Veggie Burger.  Both burgers are 100% plant based. We are proud of our current Veggie Burger that has been available at Harvey’s since 1999 and has developed a loyal following.

Why does the burger appear pink inside even after being cooked? It is raw?

Unlike traditional beef burgers, pink colour inside plant based burgers does not indicate that it is raw. This colour in Lightlife burger comes from the Beet powder ingredient.